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Day of The Procedure

Prior to the procedure, the patient will present to the front desk, check in, and then walked back to the examination room. The patient’s vital signs are checked, questions are answered, and informed consent is discussed and signed. The patient is then walked into the procedure suite and positioned appropriately depending on the type of procedure being performed. Dr. Best will prepare all of the materials required for the procedure.

The procedural site is thoroughly cleansed and surrounded by a sterile drape. The procedural target is identified using either fluoroscopy (x-ray) or ultrasound based on what the injection requires. The skin and superficial tissues are then anesthetized using numbing medication (local anesthetic). This allows for increased procedural comfort. The procedure needle is then placed and gradually guided towards the target. Once in proper position, contrast dye is administered to ensure both safety and accuracy of the injection.

Finally, the medication (e.g. steroid, local anesthetic, platelet rich plasma, etc.) is injected and the needle is withdrawn. The patient is walked back to the examination room, post-procedure vital signs are checked, further questions answered, and check out with follow up appointment scheduled at the front desk.

At a Glance

Dr. Craig Best

  • Harvard Fellowship-Trained Interventional Spine & Sports Medicine Specialist
  • Double Board-Certified in Physical Medicnie & Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine
  • Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Orthopedic Surgery
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